Spirit Warriors and Dragon King’s Awakening Release

Happy Holidays from Foreverafter Collectibles and tradingcardmint.com  – Get our best coupon of the year now through Cyber Monday, including Black Friday. Use coupon code cyber for 12% any shopping cart total over $25.00.  Good until Monday, November 27, 2017.  You can use it as many times as you want on any of our products.  Packs, boxes, decks, and single cards make great stocking stuffers as well as main presents!

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Spirit Warriors are in stock including all the single cards for sale.  Get the lowest prices on Spirit Warriors and then take another 12% off using the coupon code cyber

We still have Cyberse Link and Link Strike decks and all the single cards if you missed them.  Also, check out our boxes, packs, and single cards of Circuit Break, which we just restocked! 

We have Kaiba’s Collector Box which makes a great gift!  We have Yugi’s Collector Box and Legendary Collection 1 with the Egyptian God Cards! 

Check out our great selection of boxes, packs, and single cards such as Battles of Legends: Light’s Revenge and Pendulum Evolution.  Packs, Boxes, decks, and single cards make great stocking stuffers as well as main presents.







For our Cardfight Vanguard Crowd we have Dragon King’s Awakening in stock.  We also have Demonic Advent, both with all the single cards available for sale as well as boxes and packs. Check out the new trial deck Evil Eye Sovereign.  Also check out Debut of the DivasPrismatic Divas, and Fighters Collection 2017.

DragonBall Super is heating up with the first two sets released, Galactic Battleand Union Force.  We will be restocking them soon, so make sure to check out the new decks and Special Packs.  We just started the tournament series, so stop by and join us if you are a local player or are in town for the holidays.

Pokemon is heating up with Sun & Moon Crimson Invasion.  We also restocked other Sun & Moon releases and XY Series.

For our Magic the Gathering Fans, we have Iconic Masters and Ixalan in stock!  Grab these before they are all gone.  They are going fast!

Check out our other game products such as FutureCard BuddyFight, Weiss Schwarz, DragoBorne, Force of Will, Marvel, and Crusaders of Lornia.


Check out of supplies as well.  We have sleeve protectors, Top Loaders, Binders, Dice, and other supplies.   Get some of our new EZ-Shuffle sleeves. The new HOT PINK and TEAL make your new deck and other decks look awesome!  Also, in colors: red, green, yellow, blue, black, and white.

We are continuing to improve our new website, so if you see something that needs fixing or improvement, let us know.  We appreciate your comments.  

Tip of the Month:  To separate rarity of cards in a particular set, use the following search string example for Circuit Break Secret Rare cards: CIBR ” – secret”  Make sure to use the spaces before and after the hyphen and use parentheses.  You should get all 8 secret rare cards.  To get the 20 rare cards in the set, search CIBR ” – rare”  For all 20 secret rare cards in Spirit Warriors, type in SPWA ” – secret”

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We appreciate your business, and look forward to your order, as always. Thanks again, and have a Fantastic Day!


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