Flames of Destruction is the next new main Booster release. We will host the Sneak Peek on April 28 and 29, 2018 starting at 10:30 AM.  It is a great way for getting your cards before everyone else, and celebrating with us in a “party” and tournament setting.  The main […]

Flames of Destruction Card Set

The Extreme Force Special Edition cards are awesome!  Take a look at the 4 new cards below.  You can click on the picture to pre-order them for shipping on Thursday, March 22, 2018. EXFO-ENSE1 Mekk-Knight Avram is a normal vanilla psychic light monster, somewhat useful in Mekk-Knight and other decks […]

Extreme Force Special Edition

TOP 5 CARDS IN WAVE OF LIGHT YUGIOH STRUCTURE DECK Ties of the Brethren – This card has only been released once as an Ultra Rare, LDK2-E02.  It can be used in ABC’s, Magnet Warriors, Magical Musketeers, and other decks, but it is the best card for Counter Fairies.  It […]

Top 5 Cards In Wave Of Light Yugioh

Feel the surge of radiance with Structure Deck: Wave of Light! Fairies are back in a big way this New Year, harnessing a bounty of wisdom to counter anything their foe throws at them. You get to make the final call on what resolves with Structure Deck: Wave of Light! This 41-card […]

Wave of Light Structure Deck List