Top 5 Cards In Wave Of Light Yugioh


  1. Ties of the Brethren – This card has only been released once as an Ultra Rare, LDK2-E02.  It can be used in ABC’s, Magnet Warriors, Magical Musketeers, and other decks, but it is the best card for Counter Fairies.  It is great for bringing out 2 monsters from your deck, such as Minerva and Valkyria (see below) among other options.


  1. Solemn Warning – A necessary staple for negating the summoning of a Monster for free with SR05-EN010 Guiding Ariadne in your Pendulum Zone. One of the Counter Fairies important cards.


  1. Guiding Ariadne – In addition to its importance above, it also makes Solemn Strike free and other great combinations.


  1. Minerva, Scholar of the Sky – She recycles traps if SR05-EN026 The Sanctuary in the Sky is on the field. She also gains 500 Attack after a counter trap resolves.

  1. Power Angel Valkyria – If you negate the activation of a spell, trap, or monster effect, she can tutor any Light Fairy from your deck to your hand, which is basically, any monster card in your Counter Fairy deck. Also, she can grab SR05-EN018 Honest to your hand, as well.

As an honorable mention, SR05-EN008 Bountiful Artemis – After a counter trap resolves, draw a card. Use in combination with Ties of the Brethren and a monster on the field, such as Minerva and Valkyria mentioned above.

Overall, this is a fun deck, great for locals and casual play, and very inexpensive.  Many players will buy 3 at a time to make a more powerful deck.

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